Deepika Padukone Pregnancy: The new member will come home in September

Deepika Padukone Pregnancy

Deepika Padukone Pregnancy: The famous Bollywood couple will become parents in September this year. Deepika is expecting, but it’s still a few months until the baby arrives. They haven’t chosen a name for their upcoming child yet. Deepika Padukone Pregnancy Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are going to have a baby! They shared this exciting … Read more

Sada Ronger Prithibi Review: The world looks light in color.

Sada Ronger Prithibi Review

Sada Ronger Prithibi Review: Just like his other movies, this one also has many characters. The director has once again tried to show a special perspective to the audience. Women characters always play a big role in Rajarshi’s movies. About Sada Ronger Prithibi Rajarshi De has created a ‘world in white’ centered around a widows’ … Read more

Salaar Box Office Collection Day 20: ₹ 400 Crore ‘Salaar’ is making record breaking earnings at the box office!

Salaar Movie Review

Salaar Box Office Collection : Step into the realm of entertainment as we unravel the captivating journey of Salaar’s Box Office collection in our latest article. Join us in exploring the much-anticipated cinematic masterpiece featuring the renowned South Indian superstar, Prabhas. As his stellar performance takes center stage, witness the film’s widespread acclaim not only … Read more

Dunki Box Office Collection Day 21: ₹436 Crore ‘Dunki’ is making great earnings at the box office!

Dunki Box Office Collection

Dunki Box Office Collection: Step into the world of cinema magic as we delve into the much-anticipated blockbuster, Dunki. Shahrukh Khan, the reigning king of Bollywood, graces the screen in his third film of the year. The buzz surrounding this cinematic marvel has been unparalleled, with fans eagerly awaiting its release. Prior to Dunki, Shahrukh … Read more

Tejas OTT Release Date: Find out when and where you can watch Kangana Ranaut’s “Tejas” film now that it’s knocking on OTT.

Tejas OTT Release Date

Tejas OTT Release Date: Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming movie, Tejas, is set to release on the digital streaming platform ZEE5 on New Year’s, offering viewers an exciting start to 2024. Tejas OTT Release Tejas OTT Release Date: Exciting news awaits the devoted followers of Bollywood sensation Kangana Ranaut as her much-loved cinematic creation, ‘Tejas,’ is set … Read more

Dunki vs Salaar: ‘Dunki’ moved from Maratha temple, Prabhas’ ‘Saalar’ got more shows at that place

Dunki vs Salaar

Dunki vs Salaar: After so many years of relationship with Maratha temple, Shah Rukh’s ‘Dunki’ was removed from that hall, what is the reason behind it? Dunki vs Salaar Dunki vs Salaar: A place known as the Maratha temple in Mumbai, although named a temple, doesn’t function as one. Instead, it has become a sacred … Read more

Salaar box office collection: Prabhas hit a six at the end of the year, from ‘Animal’ to ‘Dunki’, ‘Salar’ setting a Great record.

Salaar Movie Review

Salaar box office collection: The last film released in 2023 is ‘Salar’. Films like ‘Dunki’, ‘Animal’, ‘Jawan’, ‘Pathan’ were competing. But Prabhas alone surpassed everyone. Salaar box office collection: As the year came to a close, everyone anticipated that the most significant clash would unfold during the festive Christmas season. Shahrukh Khan’s third film of … Read more

Upcoming Big Movies (December-January) 2023-2024

Welcome friend, I hope you all are well, in todays blog we are going to talk about 8 Upcoming Big Movies (December-January) 2023-2024 you will get to see in the theatre. The release dates of these films have been officially confirmed but if their release dates change later we will tell you in 2nd blog … Read more