Sada Ronger Prithibi Review: The world looks light in color.

Sada Ronger Prithibi Review: Just like his other movies, this one also has many characters. The director has once again tried to show a special perspective to the audience. Women characters always play a big role in Rajarshi’s movies.

About Sada Ronger Prithibi

Rajarshi De has created a ‘world in white’ centered around a widows’ ashram in Kashi, where women are mysteriously disappearing due to traffickers. Like his previous films, this one is filled with numerous characters, especially strong female ones. However, the film, titled ‘White Color World,’ falls short of leaving a lasting impression. The storyline is predictable, and despite a few surprises, it fails to captivate the audience.

Sada Ronger Prithibi Cast

The plot revolves around Babaji Karunananda’s (Arindam Sheel) desire to demolish a widow’s ashram, Mukti Mandap, to build a resort in Varanasi. His estranged wife, Ava Sen (Ananya Banerjee), opposes this plan, leading to a clash between them. The film introduces twin sisters, Bhavani and Shivani (Srabanti Chatterjee), with contrasting personalities. Alakshmi (Souraseni Maitra) arrives at Mukti Mandap with a hidden agenda, brought in by Sunil (Ritabrata Mukhopadhyay). Bhairo Didi (Mallika Banerjee) owns the ashram, and the residents fear the disappearance of one of them. The film explores the vulnerability of widows in Kashi and issues like human trafficking, but the execution is lacking.

Sada Ronger Prithibi Review
Sada Ronger Prithibi Review

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Despite the film’s attempt to use various elements, such as the fragility of widows’ lives and the dark side of trafficking, it falls short of creating a compelling narrative. The exaggerated depiction of the Varanasi widow ashram and the smugglers’ hideout adds to the film’s shortcomings.

The director, Rajarshi Dey, failed to utilize actress Sravanti effectively, although she did her best with the given script. The chemistry between Ritabrata and Sauraseni adds a positive dimension to the story. Some actors, like Ritabrata, Arindam, Sauraseni, and Mallika, deliver balanced performances. However, the overall acting, weak dialogues, and mediocre technical aspects contribute to the film’s lackluster quality.

Despite the film’s backdrop of Kashi’s ghats and alleys, the cinematography falls short of making good use of it. The ambient music feels immature, and the story’s construction delays prevent it from reaching the audience’s hearts. While the film touches on important subjects and contains valuable messages, it struggles to resonate due to its pale execution. Overall, ‘White Color World’ receives a rating of 4.5/10.

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