Shruti Hassan’s beau in Hasan family, wedding rumors-date confirmed?

Shruti Hassan: In recent days, speculation has been circulating in the entertainment industry about Shruti Haasan having discreetly entered marital bliss. Shantanu Hazarika, Shruti’s boyfriend, has been spotted on multiple occasions with the Haasan family, adding fuel to the rumors.

Shruti Hassan’s beau in Hasan family, wedding rumors

Shruti Hassan, the daughter of South entertainment megastar Kamal Haasan, has not only made a mark in South Indian films but has also ventured into Bollywood. Renowned as both an actress and a singer, Shruti’s professional accomplishments are complemented by the continuous curiosity surrounding her personal life.

Recently, rumors circulated that Shruti secretly tied the knot with her lover, Shantanu Hazarika, a revelation brought to light by Bollywood insider Nayan’s Mani and social media influencer Ori. Despite the escalating interest from fans, Shruti initially dismissed the marriage rumors as untrue. However, she later attended a New Year’s function organized by her father, holding hands with Shantanu, her boyfriend, in the presence of family members.

Shruti Hassan
Shruti Hassan

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In a recent interview, Shantanu addressed questions about their potential marriage, expressing his disbelief in the institution of marriage. As an artist, he emphasized his aversion to being confined to societal norms and highlighted that relationships naturally evolve over time. While Shantanu and Shruti are content with their current status, Shantanu asserted that marriage is not on their immediate horizon.

Responding to speculations about their relationship, Shantanu pointed out the challenges artists face with their personal lives being scrutinized by the public. He emphasized the need for respect and privacy, stating that everyone’s opinion about their personal life doesn’t hold validity.

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Similarly, Shruti, in a previous interview, denied the rumors of a secret marriage, affirming her commitment to transparency with her fans. She asserted that she would never take such a significant step without informing her followers, expressing frustration at the absurdity of suppressing such a major aspect of her life. In her own words, Shruti urged those who knew her and even those unfamiliar with her to refrain from making baseless assumptions about her personal life.

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