Salaar Movie Review: A cocktail of great action and blood, ‘Salaar’ is the second ‘Animal’?

Salaar Movie Review: This is the real comeback of ‘Baahubali’ Prabhas after overcoming the inertia of ‘Adipurush’.

Salaar Movie Review

Salaar Movie Review: Violence, blood, gunfire! Are Indian directors using these three tools to win the box office? Or is this trend created only by South Indians or South directors? The correct answer may not be known. If you argue with someone against it, the other person will keep the box office report on their hand. Check out the box office reports of ‘KGF’, ‘Leo’, or take a look at South director’s ‘Jawan’, ‘Animal’.

Where violence is the trump card to win the box. After watching the two-and-a-half-hour ‘Salaar – Part One, Ceasefire’, you will be stuck between these two questions, should you watch the story or the action? Or just watching the action-packed scene, you’ll come out of the hall with blood hot! Actually, cinema is about story telling. His surprise will be in the way of storytelling.

Salaar Movie Review

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One element of that storytelling can be action. But what if that element becomes the main thing? Then what stands out is director Prashant Neel’s ‘Salaar’. Where there is story, but the story gets stuck a bit ahead of the action. It’s good to say that the action is intense. In the roar, in the rain of bullets. In the game of light and darkness, one eye after another is just a frame.

two friends Dev and Vardha. But their friendship eventually turns into enmity. And there is another important character Tatto. They live in another imaginary world. Where only evil people have entry. I will put my foot here. Mate Dev and Bardha aka Prabhas and Prithviraj fight to become the emperor of that Khansar. That old formula. The battle for the throne.

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When you watch ‘Salaar’, you are bound to remember the Hollywood movie ‘Mortal Kombat’. Because, director Prashant’s style of this film is just like ‘Mortal Kombat’. Where Prashant brought only southern style. But the story has subplots. There is talk of caste, poor-big man fight. Politics has come. But the director put the action above all these. So there is no frame of violence, commotion.

He is in love with actress Shruti Haasan. But it is very little. It needs to be said here that director Prashant has kept two time frames in the story of ‘Salaar’, one is 1747, where the story of the tribal fight will emerge. Which will remind you of the Hollywood film ‘Black Panther’. And the year 2023.

Salaar Movie Review
Salaar Movie Review

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The acting in this movie is its strongest point. After ‘Baahubali’, Prabhas grabbed attention in this film. It can be called the real comeback of ‘Baahubali’ Prabhas after overcoming the inertia of ‘Adipurush’.

On the other hand, Prithviraj Sukumaran is also excellent. He clashed with Prabhas. Shruti Haasan is just a beautiful doll. He had nothing special to do. In the end, ‘Salaar’ is a blood-bathed story of two friends’ enmity in the style of a Hollywood film. ‘Salaar Part One’ is a master at raising blood pressure in two and a half hours.

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