Urfi Javed hospitalized with an oxygen mask on his face, what happened to him?

Urfi Javed hospitalized: Urfi Javed’s entry into 2024 was marked by a challenging start, as he found himself unwell and confined to a hospital bed. While lying there, he shared the news with his fans.

Urfi Javed hospitalized with an oxygen mask on his face

Don’t wear any designer clothes. Not a bad hair style either. Urfi Javed was framed in hospital clothes at the beginning of the year. Oxygen mask on the face. He is lying in the hospital bed. Amni posted a picture of herself on her social media page on Thursday. However, he later deleted the post himself.

His fans were shocked to see Urfi in this condition. Everyone’s question what happened to him? Is he very ill? Urfi’s industry insiders are also worried about his film. Many have also commented. But Urfi did not reveal what actually happened to him. Before this, he was admitted to the hospital once in the month of August 2022. He was rushed to the hospital as the fever did not subside. What happened this time? It is not understood.

Urfi Javed hospitalized
Urfi Javed hospitalized

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It is to be noted that Urfi has been involved in many controversies for his clothes and fashion in the last few years. Many people were surprised to see him in another avatar recently. He was seen serving food to customers at a hotel in Mumbai. The video spread on social media. Wearing a white shirt, pencil skirt, sometimes drinks, sometimes food, he goes from table to table taking food.

Posting this video on Instagram, Urfi wrote, “No job is big or small, I served food in a restaurant for a while.I am contributing the entirety of today’s earnings from my work towards supporting the treatment of cancer patients. I will do more like this in the coming days. Everyone is waiting for his speedy recovery.

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