Mithun Chakraborty agreed to join ‘Shastri’ after hearing the story, according to producer Soham.

Mithun Chakraborty began filming a new Bengali movie called ‘Shastri.’ Soham Chakraborty is making the movie, and Mithun Chakraborty and Debashree Roy are the main actors.

Mithun Chakraborty agreed to join ‘Shastri’

The filming of the movie ‘Shastri’ began on Wednesday. Mithun Chakraborty and Devashree Roy are making a comeback to the big screen after 16 years with this film. Soham Chakraborty is one of the producers of the movie and shared his plans for it.

Shastri Movie
Shastri Movie

Soham has previously produced films like ‘Kolkata Harry,’ ‘Paka Doha,’ and ‘LSD.’ Compared to those, ‘Shastri‘ is on a much larger scale. Soham initially focused on ensuring safety but later realized the importance of meeting both box office demand and content quality. To achieve this, he has teamed up with Surinder Films as a co-producer. Soham believes it’s important to work with those who understand the bigger picture and have helped him become a star.

Shastri Films Cast

The main attractions of the film are Mithun and Devasree. Additionally, the movie features stars like Sauraseni Maitra, Shaswat Chatterjee, Rajtav Dutta, Anirban Chakraborty, Kaushik Sen, Kanchan Mallick, and Ambarish Bhattacharya. Soham himself is also playing a role, and the shooting of his part will start on February 5. Soham aimed to avoid casting mistakes for a big film and strived to assemble the best crew in the industry to establish his production company.

Soham has a longstanding relationship with Mithun, and despite the gap between their previous projects, convincing Mithun to join in this film was not difficult. Mithun was impressed with the story and readily agreed to be a part of the film.

Based on Devarati Mukhopadhyay’s story directed by Pathikrit Bose, will explore the conflict between astrology and science. The film is scheduled to be released during this year’s puja.

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