Hina Khan is seriously ill and admitted to the hospital

Hina Khan is a Kashmiri girl who is a popular actress of Hindi television. Work lives in Mumbai. The actress suddenly fell ill.

Hina Khan admitted to the hospital

Actress Hina Khan is currently facing health challenges, as she shared a photo on Instagram from her hospital bed. This isn’t the first time she’s been admitted; a few months ago, she faced a similar situation. Fans were taken aback by her social media posts, wondering what led to her latest hospitalization.

In an update, Hina explained that she had been grappling with a persistent fever for the past four days, prompting her hospitalization. Despite ongoing treatment, the fever hasn’t subsided and is, in fact, escalating. With a temperature ranging from 102-103 degrees, she also expressed a growing weakness.

Hina Khan
Hina Khan

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Concerned about her well-being, Hina reached out to her fans, requesting their prayers for a swift recovery. She reassured them that she’s determined to bounce back soon. This isn’t the first time Hina has found herself in a hospital; a previous instance in October also saw her sharing a hospital picture.

Interestingly, prior to that incident, Hina had voiced concerns about Mumbai’s pollution affecting its livability. Although the exact reason for her hospitalization remains undisclosed, her current health situation has sparked an outpouring of support and prayers from her fans.


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