Aadikeshava Movie Review : New Routine Action & Good drama Film

We are talk about Aadikeshava Movie…

Release Date : November 24, 2023

Director: Srikanth N. Reddy

Aadikeshava Movie

Aadikeshava Movie & Cast:

After two delays, the eagerly awaited Telugu movie Aadikeshava, starring Panja Vaissnav Tej and Sreeleela, finally debuted on November 24. With significant pre-release buzz, Srikanth N Reddy’s film has emerged as the main attraction for eager viewers, signalling a significant cinematic debut.

About Aadikeshava Movie:

In Aadikeshava Movie, Panja Vaisshnav Tej plays Balu, a jovial figure out to win Sreeleela’s character Chitra’s affection. But when Balu confronts the antagonist—played by Malayalam actor Joju George—the story takes an unexpected turn.

In the movie, Vaissnav Tej’s character encounters obstacles while looking for love. The portrayal of a merciless criminal by Joju George gives the story an intriguing depth and intensifies the suspense and plot. As Vaissnav Tej’s mother, Raadhika Sarathkumar excels in the role, adding to the story’s emotional depth.

Highlights Performance:

As Balu, Panja Vaisshnav Tej captures the essence of a carefree person with a captivating performance. The film benefits from Sreeleela’s endearing portrayal of Chitra and Joju George’s skillful portrayal of the menacing antagonist, who intensifies the sense of conflict throughout. Raadhika Sarathkumar’s performance heightens the storyline’s familial elements with a poignant touch.

Aadikeshava Movie

Aadikeshava Movie Criticism:

The trailer’s brief clips of humorous moments show that Aadikeshava promises a humorous cinematic experience. The film’s blend of humour, suspense, and romance is positioned to pique viewers’ emotions on several levels. With glimpses of Deepak, Keshav, and Aparna Das among the ensemble cast, the trailer alludes to a rich and captivating story.

Technical Brilliance:

With the support of Fortune Four Cinemas and Sithara Entertainments, Aadikeshava Movie is a technically accomplished film. The soundtrack by GV Prakash Kumar establishes the mood and heightens the emotional impact of the movie. The overall visual appeal is enhanced by Dudley’s cinematography and Navin Nooli’s editing, which promises a cinematic extravaganza. The Telugu film Aadikeshava seems to be a promising addition, providing a delightful mix of suspense, humour, and romance.

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