Captain Miller Box Office Collection Day 19: ‘Captain Miller’ earned ₹50 crores at the box office!

Captain Miller Box Office Collection

Captain Miller Box Office Collection: Hello and welcome to our latest article! Today, we’re going to talk about how much money Dhanush’s movie Captain Miller made at the box office. This movie has a lot of different things going on – it’s like a mix of many skills. People were really excited about this movie … Read more

Main Atal Hoon Movie Review: Pankaj Tripathi’s film lived up to expectations

Main Atal Hoon Movie Review

Main Atal Hoon Movie Review: The story of Atal Bihari Vajpayee is really interesting. He was a very popular Prime Minister and is known for promoting peace worldwide. Even the people who didn’t always agree with him liked and respected him. He wrote poems that beautifully mix love and revolutionary ideas. The movie ‘Main Atal … Read more

Salaar Box Office Collection Day 20: ₹ 400 Crore ‘Salaar’ is making record breaking earnings at the box office!

Salaar Movie Review

Salaar Box Office Collection : Step into the realm of entertainment as we unravel the captivating journey of Salaar’s Box Office collection in our latest article. Join us in exploring the much-anticipated cinematic masterpiece featuring the renowned South Indian superstar, Prabhas. As his stellar performance takes center stage, witness the film’s widespread acclaim not only … Read more

Dunki Box Office Collection Day 21: ₹436 Crore ‘Dunki’ is making great earnings at the box office!

Dunki Box Office Collection

Dunki Box Office Collection: Step into the world of cinema magic as we delve into the much-anticipated blockbuster, Dunki. Shahrukh Khan, the reigning king of Bollywood, graces the screen in his third film of the year. The buzz surrounding this cinematic marvel has been unparalleled, with fans eagerly awaiting its release. Prior to Dunki, Shahrukh … Read more

Shruti Hassan’s beau in Hasan family, wedding rumors-date confirmed?

Shruti Hassan

Shruti Hassan: In recent days, speculation has been circulating in the entertainment industry about Shruti Haasan having discreetly entered marital bliss. Shantanu Hazarika, Shruti’s boyfriend, has been spotted on multiple occasions with the Haasan family, adding fuel to the rumors. Shruti Hassan’s beau in Hasan family, wedding rumors Shruti Hassan, the daughter of South entertainment … Read more

12th Fail Movie: Do you know the real story of the IPS officer of ’12th Fail’?

12th Fail Movie

12th Fail Movie is a real story. IPS Manojkumar Sharma successfully passed the UPSC exam on his fourth attempt and joined the Maharashtra cadre in 2005. Presently, he holds the position of Additional Commissioner for the Western Region in Mumbai. 12th Fail Movie: Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s film, ‘Twelfth Fail,’ has garnered immense praise from audiences … Read more

Bobby Deol: There are no security guards, what happened at the airport when Bobby was seen?

Bobby Deol

Since the success of ‘Animal,’ Bobby’s career has undergone a complete turnaround. However, the actor has recently come to recognize the irony that accompanies success. Bobby Deol in airport Bobby Deol, currently ubiquitous in the realm of acting, has undergone a remarkable transformation in his career, pivoting 180 degrees, thanks to his role in ‘Animal,’ … Read more

Urfi Javed hospitalized with an oxygen mask on his face, what happened to him?

Urfi Javed hospitalized

Urfi Javed hospitalized: Urfi Javed’s entry into 2024 was marked by a challenging start, as he found himself unwell and confined to a hospital bed. While lying there, he shared the news with his fans. Urfi Javed hospitalized with an oxygen mask on his face Don’t wear any designer clothes. Not a bad hair style … Read more

Sunny Deol-Shah Rukh Khan Feud: Sani had torn his clothes in anger on Shahrukh! How was that dispute resolved after 30 years?

Sunny Deol-Shah Rukh Khan

Sunny Deol-Shah Rukh Khan: Maintaining a feud over three decades goes beyond mere hearsay. Enter Sunny Deol’s triumph – a saga more intriguing than the plots of Bollywood films. Sunny Deol-Shah Rukh Khan Feud The past year marked a significant upswing for Sunny Deol. Following the blockbuster success of ‘Gadar 2,’ he graced numerous interviews … Read more

Bobby Deol in animals popularity is making the makers think, will the audience see in a separate film this time?

Bobby Deol in animals

Bobby Deol in animals: The makers are happy with the success of ‘Animal’. Apart from the sequel of the film, the possibility of a separate film with Bobby Deol’s character has also been created. Bobby Deol in animals Bobby Deol in animals: The movie continues to perform strongly at the box office, and during the … Read more